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By Cecilia Fan, D.A., M.I.F.A., M.I.C.R.

Clinical Aromatherapist, tutor & writer

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More and more people are wearing masks nowadays. Besides being uncomfortable and hot, wearing a mask can bring you more.

We all know that the air we breathe out contains carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapour, germs, and some oxygen. As we breathe continuously when wearing a mask, concentration of carbon dioxide and germs increases. Metabolism, in a resting person, generates about 200ml of carbon dioxide per minutes. Breathing in too concentrated carbon dioxide causes harm to our respiratory system and our body. To wear a mask smartly, we should:

1)      get enough fresh and clean air as frequently as possible.

(do not wear a mask/masks all day long!) If we have very good immunity, we do not have to be afraid of any disease!

2)      massage diluted eucalyptus 桉樹 essential oil on our chest and upper back* twice a day.

Eucalyptus increases our oxygen carry rate of haemoglobin, thus increase oxygen intake of the body. Besides, it is a very powerful antiseptic oil and strengthens our immunity. For those who don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, you can simply add 1 drop of any essential oil you like to cover the smell.

*for a healthy adult: in dilution of 2 ml vegetable oil + 1 drop of eucalyptus

*for sick people/elderly/children aged 7+: 4ml vegetable oil + 1 drop of eucalyptus

*for children aged 4-7: in dilution of 10ml vegetable oil + 1 drop of eucalyptus

3)  add essential oils to your mask:

Put unused mask(s) into a plastic bag. Add a total of 3-6 drops of eucalyptus桉樹/ tea tree 茶樹/ thyme 百里香/ pine 松樹 essential oils on a piece of tissue paper/cotton ball, then put it into the bag and seal completely. Wait for 3 hours or longer, and then wear the mask.  

4)  use steam inhalation to help you:

Put some hot water into a stainless steel/glass/porcelain bowl/cup, add 2-3 drops eucalyptus 桉樹 or benzoin 安息香 essential oil, stir and breathe in (without wearing a mask) the vapour for 5 minutes at a time, repeat as needed.

Function: The heat and the vapour of essential oil kill the germs and moisturize our respiratory system.

Benzoin安息香: helps with abnormal breathing, moisturize the lungs and respiratory system, assists healing in bronchitis, asthma, cough, cold, throat infection and mouth ulcer. It is a very important ingredient of cough medicine.

5)      Live a healthy life.

Drink more water, fresh juice, soup, eat more fruit and green

leave vegetable, and do not smoke. Get enough sleep of good

quality. Exercise yourself adequately.

6)      Stay calm and peaceful.

Stress, fear, worry, anxiety, anger……

negative feelings/emotions can only decrease our immunity!

May us all get the precious health and live a healthy life!


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